Time to Switch Out Seasonal Clothes

Longer sleeves, thicker fabrics, light jackets, and ankle boots all need to be taken out of storage or the back of the closet. Sandals, rompers, sundresses, and shorts will be folded up once again and placed in totes for next summer. This is the time to review the fall and winter wardrobe and decide what is still in fashion, what will get handed down, and what is needed. The latest trends will already be displayed in stores and online, and people will be comparing them to what they have or do not have among their own clothing.

Before Buying

Instead of just spending money to have the newest styles, take some time to consider ways to save money or at least stay within a budget. This exercise will reduce the amount of clothing that will only get worn once or twice and keep people out of debt. Can some of the clothing worn last year be altered or embellished to match trends? If clothing this year has more sparkle, for example, gems, beads, and shiny buttons can be sewn onto a plain sweater.

Are styles more fitted this year? That is no problem, simply belt the tunic or dress at the waist. If hemlines are mostly tea length, add lace or a scalloped edge to that shorter dress or cardigan. People can also get creative with accessories. Mute that pattern with a solid colored scarf, pull an outfit together with an over-sized purse, or add flower decals to those skinny jeans. Begin the search for inexpensive accessories at Fillyflair.com.

Purchasing New Clothing

Purchase one or two mainstay pieces of new clothing that can be mixed and matched with clothing already in the closet. A new mauve fitted jacket will go with jeans and a t-shirt, wool pants and a blouse, and over a maxi dress from last year. Start there and see how far those few pieces can stretch out the existing wardrobe.

More clothing can always be ordered online if needed. Browse some websites, get a sense of the latest fashions, and put your own spin them for unique outfits that will stand out from what everyone else is wearing. Go to Fillyflair.com and begin the process.